Vortumnal Grave - The Hypnagogic Age LP


Label: Altare Productions

Altare is proud to present Vortumnal Grave’s debut album “The Hypnagogic Age”, featuring four tracks of dense, melancholic black metal with atmospheric elements.
Conceptually difficult to summarise, Vortumnal Grave offers up a cacophonous superimposition of imagery to shatter the thickening numbness of modernity. Themes of Nature, Time and Memory, half-forgotten Gods, Death, Creation and the eternal cycles of the Earth endlessly jostle alongside (and morph into) obfuscated personal moments in a kaleidoscopic prison reflecting the paradoxically claustrophobic yet expansive/maximalist sound of the album.
An unusual approach to the genre with an emphasis on composition and melody to send the listener on a journey through cryptic inner worlds.
Presented with a double side print foldover cover, limited to 100 hand numbered copies.

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