NUKEKUBI - Temple of Yokais (Demo II) Tape

  • NUKEKUBI - Temple of Yokais (Demo II) Tape

Raw Black Metal inspired by japanese culture.

"I fear for my health and what is left of my fragile sanity.

It began yesterday, a day like all others before it, when I descended into the wooded heart of that cursed ravine. There, upon the fetid air, I heard the weeping of a woman and now…

Swathed in the elusiveness of sleep my sweat slicked body and tortured mind fear it may be too late. I can see, escaping the the shards of this broken mirror, the demons that inhabit my soul and show me the new dawning truth.

I have put charms around my house but fear that my incantations are not enough to repel the monstrous call of these apparitions that I have released and yet all I can do is wait... And hope…"