Roman Master – Roman Master Tape
The Return Of ROMAN MASTER w/ An Ambient Melancholic A-Side & Hellish Blackened Noise BM B-Side On A C20 Black Tape. Shimmer Gold Paper, Gold & Black Labels & No Information. Housed In A Poly Bag, Edition Of 100 Copies. Artwork Designed By Roman Master, Skeleton Drawing By Skimask.

Ancient Burning Ritual & Fairy Ring – Magick Incarnate Tape
Collaboration Between ANCIENT BURNING RITUAL & FAIRY RING. Ambient Nature Noise w/ Keyboards & Soundscapes. Printed On "Marbled Stone / Pink Ice" Paper w/ Hand Affix'd Labels On Translucent Mint Tapes. Portals Project On Both Sides, Edition Of 66 Copies.

Tharmazegethuzan – Opera Nocturnes Tape
Plagued Raw Black Metal / Dark Ambient from Þarmäzegêþuža themselves. Six tracks of torment, repeating on both sides on a blood red tape, hand ripped labels, full color oversized layout, front & back collaged, all housed in a poly bag. Edition Of 66 Copies.
"Written posthumously in the late 14th Century;
Recorded on moonless nights as beetles spewed from my throat"...

Listen Here:

Vuajtje – Lost Under The Stygian Shade Tape
Edition of 50 copies

Morbærsanger – A Twilight Ritual Tape
Edition of 50 copies
Program repeats on both sides

Herculean Death – Lost Hierarchy Of Dark Twisted Arts Tape
Two Versions Of The Tape, One Printed On Orange w/ Black Cassette Tapes, One Printed On White w/ Florescent Orange Tapes (this).
Edition of 66 copies

Erstwhile – Rapture in the Pathless Woods Tape
Housed In Poly Bag w/ Oversized Layout & Accompanying Poster. Edition Of 66 Copies.
Program repeats on both sides

Forlorn - "DEMO" Tape
Debut Tape From Black Metal Assault Hailing From ATLANTA, GA... 4 Tracks Of Pure Agony. Black Tape Housed In Poly Bag w/ Oversized Layout Printed On Metallic Blue Paper. These Are The Copies Left Over, The Band Has The Rest, Selling At Shows. Edition Of 72.


Silver Ossuary - Morning Tape
Howling Atmospheric Black Metal Conjured In North GA. Shredding Guitar Accompanying Melodic Curses. Black Tape Housed In Oversized Poly Bag. Art Printed On Metallic Silver Paper, Edition Of 50 Hand Numbered Copies...